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Lowland lakes open April 27

PASCO – The state lowland lake fishing season is set to open Saturday, April 27.

And if fishing isn’t enough, the state has tagged more than 800 trout and released them into lakes around the state. Fishermen landing a tagged trout will be eligible for prizes in the state’s derby.

While none of the lakes in Adams or Grant counties were stocked this year, a couple nearby Franklin County lakes have received fish from the Lyons Ferry Hatchery. Dalton Lake and Marmes Pond both have been stocked multiple times from Feb. 26 to March 27. Some of the stocked trout weigh an average of 1.5 pounds.

The state planted over 14.5 million trout and kokanee over the last year. Depending on the lake, people may encounter rainbow, cutthroat, Kokanee and other fish species.

This year, the annual statewide trout derby boasts more than 800 donated prizes worth over $42,000 in total, which anglers can claim by catching tagged trout in lakes across Washington. The derby runs through Oct. 31.

“The trout derby is a very popular activity for Washington anglers of all ages and backgrounds,” inland fish program manager Steve Caromile said. “The hard work of fish and hatchery staff along with the generosity of our vendors has made the trout derby something anglers look forward to each year.”


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