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The Town of Hatton, Washington

(Owner) is requesting bids for

the 2024 Otta Seal Project. Bids

will be received via electronic

submission only, through the

Horrocks Planroom at http://www.horrocksplanroom.

com, until 2:00

p.m. local time on Thursday,

April 18, 2024. That same day,

all received bids will be opened

virtually and read aloud at 2:15

p.m. via Microsoft Teams. Bid

opening information will be sent

out to all Contractors on the plan

holders list by Wednesday, April

17, 2024. Bids not received by

the indicated time will not be


The work of this contract generally

consists of street surfacing

improvements throughout the

town limits. The Base Bid includes

the following work:

• Regrade approximately

7,000 square yards of existing

gravel streets

• Furnish, place, and compact

approx. 1,100 tons of crushed

surfacing top course

• Two applications of high float

emulsion asphalt and crushed

cover stone over the regraded

gravel streets

Bid Alternate 1 includes the following


• Single application of high

float emulsion asphalt and

crushed cover stone over approx.

13,000 square yards of existing

asphalt pavement streets

• Repaint existing pavement


A non-mandatory virtual pre-bid

conference will be held at 2:00

p.m. local time, on April 4, 2024.

All potential bidders are encouraged

to attend.

Complete Bidding Documents

and Plans will be available at

To bid the project, Bidders shall

register and be on the plan holders

list. Bidding Documents and

Plans may be downloaded, at no

cost, by searching Town of Hatton

2024 Otta Seal Project on

the website’s Public Jobs page.

Bids must be submitted on the

forms provided in the Bidding

Documents. Bids must be accompanied

by a Bid Proposal

Bond in the form of a certified

check, cashier’s check, surety

bond, or cash in the amount

not less than 5% of the total bid

amount, payable to the Town of

Hatton. Proof of Bid Proposal

Bond must be submitted with

the official bidding documents.

Said Bid Proposal Bond shall be

forfeited to the Owner should the

successful bidder fail to enter

into a contract in accordance

with their proposal as specified

in the Instructions to Bidders.

100% performance and payment

bonds will be required from

the successful Contractor. The

Contractor must be capable of

meeting all insurance and bonding


This project is funded by the

Washington State Transportation

Improvement Board, TIB

Project No. 2-E-842(001)-1,

and is subject to all applicable

federal and state laws and regulations.

Owner reserves the right

to reject any or all bids, to waive

technicalities, and in its sole

judgment, accept the bid which

it deems is in its best interest.

Owner is an Equal Opportunity

and Affirmative Action Employer.

Small, Minority-owned, and

Women-owned firms are encouraged

to submit bids.

The Engineer, Owner, or funding

agency shall not be held

responsible for any oral instruction.

All questions or requests

for additional information must

be submitted in writing to the

Engineer. Any changes to the

Plans and Specifications will

be in the form of a written addendum

which will be made

available to all plan holders.

Please contact Tyson Larson at

208-791-6776 or tyson.larson@ with any project

related questions.

Published April 3, 10 and 17,



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