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Polluters should pay for carbon

“Polluters pay. People get a carbon cashback” sums up the impact that the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act would have. The EICDA was re-introduced in the House of Representatives last September and is currently languishing in committees.

Briefly, the EICDA puts a price on carbon at the source of the fossil fuels – the well, mine, or imported tanker – therefore making it simple to administer and uniform across sources of greenhouse gases. It would take the revenue from the price on carbon and distribute it to every individual in the country – each adult getting a full share, and each child getting a half share.

Putting a price on carbon would create incentives for a major shift to the use of clean energy throughout the economy. Energy generators and businesses will innovate to save money and be competitive. Thousands of economists support a price on carbon as being the most effective and efficient way to bring down harmful emissions, and in a way that boosts the economy.

In spite of broad support from U.S. residents and such groups as the American Petroleum Industry, this law was not carried further in the last congress. Some politicians are fearful of supporting this bill because they think it will hurt the economy or affect businesses badly – it will not.

The EICDA is the single most effective tool we have for eliminating greenhouse gas emissions and preserving our environment. Please consider urging your congressional representatives to support the EICDA House Resolution 5744.

Margaret Davis

Moscow, Idaho


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