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Hit-and-run remains unsolved

LIND — The Washington State Patrol is still looking for a driver in a hit-and-run crash that killed a pedestrian last October.

On Nov. 1, the body of Nicholas A. Cooper, 31, of Lakewood, was discovered near Milepost 81 of U.S. Highway 395.

Cooper was pronounced deceased at the scene two miles east of the city at about 3:41 a.m., the patrol reported at the time. An Adams County deputy notified the next of kin.

The patrol said Cooper was killed in a hit-and-run incident.

According to the patrol, an unknown vehicle was southbound and struck Cooper in the passing lane of the highway. The driver then fled the scene.

The driver has yet to be located, the patrol said. The vehicle involved is believed to be a white passenger car, the patrol reported. The driver may or may not have known they struck a pedestrian.

The patrol is still seeking any information and/or witnesses to the fatal incident, or information about anyone who may have struck something in this area. Detectives are also seeking information regarding any prior observations of a pedestrian walking along U.S. Highway 395 in the area prior to the collision.

Anyone with information should contact detective Lewis Stevens by calling 509-904-5102.


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