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WSU researchers seek older residents for home sensor study

PULLMAN — Researchers in Washington State University's Department of Psychology and School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science are looking for adults older than 50 to participate in a home sensor study.

The researchers are examining how to use sensor data to create a complete picture of a person’s everyday routine behavior and activities to support more proactive and in the moment interventions.

The sensors are placed around the home and track movement and temperature. They are unable to identify sound, take visuals, or identify other personal information.

The preference is to have the sensors throughout the home; however, it is possible for a participant to request certain places not have motion sensors.

While the sensors remain in place 16 months, members of the lab only interact with the participant every four months.

Researchers believe the study will have important implications for providing future older individuals coping with memory difficulties effective tools to help with maintaining their independence and quality of life.

They are seeking adults ages 50 and older and fluent in English.

Participants will undergo two brief neuropsychological studies — one at the beginning of the 16 months and one at the end —and will be paid.

To participate, call 509-335-4033.


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