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Reintroduce bill to ban dwarf-tossing

Persons who have dwarfism (also referred to as “little people”) frequently experience employment discrimination. Although they can perform any job task well – often needing only a stool – employers frequently reject them during interview.

Bars and strip clubs exploit the resulting financial problems by hiring “LPs” for dwarf-tossing events, where bar patrons pay to physically throw an them in front of a crowd of laughing and jeering customers.

LPs very frequently have skeletal (especially spinal) issues requiring multiple surgeries. Thus, many LPs participating in these events become severely disabled or even die from participating.

They are also often assaulted without their consent outside of these events by people accustomed to seeing LPs as mere objects.

In 2019 and 2020, the Legislature considered Senate Bill 5486, a measure to make Washington the third state to ban such bar events. I urge our state representatives and senators to reintroduce this bill early in the session. This bill must pass this year.

Little people are not objects to be abused for sadistic pleasure. The solution to their financial difficulties is to end employment discrimination, not to allow others to exploit their desperation.

David Bart



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