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You should cover Hudson's presidential bid

I am writing to express my concern regarding the lack of attention given to non-partisan candidate Anthony Hudson in your coverage of the presidential race.

As a blue-collar man with a message that has resonated with over 60 million people, Hudson represents a significant portion of the American population that deserves to be heard.

It is disheartening to witness the prevalence of media bias in the current political landscape. While the media plays a crucial role in informing the public and shaping public opinion, it is vital to ensure fair representation of all candidates, regardless of their political affiliations. By disregarding Hudson’s candidacy and denying him even a mere 15 minutes of your valuable airtime, you are perpetuating this bias and hindering an open and inclusive democratic process.

Instead of perpetuating divisive narratives that pit the right against the left, I urge you to shift the focus to what our nation truly needs. Let us engage in meaningful conversations about the challenges and aspirations of the American people as a whole. By providing a platform for candidates like Anthony Hudson, who prioritize the needs of the people over partisan agendas, we can foster a more informed electorate and ultimately work towards a stronger and more united America.

I sincerely hope that you will reflect on the importance of unbiased coverage and provide Anthony Hudson, and other non-partisan candidates, with the platform they deserve. Together, let us strive for a media landscape that empowers the American people to make informed decisions and facilitates the progress of our nation.

Dan Fling



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