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A policy wish list for Santa, lawmakers

With shopping behind us, it is time o turn to Santa for those final Christmas presents on our wish list. After comparing the options and reviewing the data on which ones will help bring taxpayers joy in 2024, here are five of the high-demand policy gifts sure to delight users of all ages.

1. A Sherlock Holmes tax transparency bundle kit. Enjoy hours of sleuthing and tax mystery-solving with your favorite detective’s personal kit for understanding taxes.

Included in the easy-carry leather bag are a magnifying glass and directions to a tax transparency website, taxpayer receipt, Truth in Taxation property tax website, gas tax transparency stickers, and Public School Transparency Act. Understanding your tax liability will become elementary with careful use.

2. A Taylor Swift notice for public hearings sing-along-microphone. Test your civic skills by singing a policy tune with the legislative transparency reform that Swifties have been waiting for.

The best way to be heard is to know when to show up and what to sing about. The t notice for public hearings sing-along microphone is just what you’ll need to shake off any bad blood from not knowing what is on the legislative agenda.

3. The Game of Life Education Choice edition. Advance through your own personalized and unique experiences in life as you move across the board with the tools needed to help you achieve success.

As life throws you curveballs, you’ll be able to craft a path to victory by using the individualized Education Choice cards to help maneuver the Game of Life in the way best suited for you.

4. A Nerf gun income tax trigger target set. Aim your way to an improved economic outlook and increased tax competitiveness with the Nerf gun target set that triggers automatic reductions in income tax rates.

As your Nerf ammunition grows, tax rates will automatically fall, increasing the size of the bulls eye for economic success.

5. A Marvel superheroes tax restriction Lego set. Build your way through the Marvel-verse with this supersized Lego set that allows you to place your superheroes in a way that blocks any tax increase that doesn’t secure a legislative supermajority vote. More powerful than the Infinity Gauntlet, this in-demand Lego set prevents tax increases from being a snap decision.

Realizing that it’s an extremely busy time of year for old Saint Nick, we’re hopeful that lawmakers are already working in the policy workshop to help Santa deliver these hottest reform gifts of the year.

We’re also ready to help policymakers wrap up these presents and place them under the tree to help spread the joy they’ll bring.

— Jason Mercier is the director of the Mountain State Policy Center. Email him at [email protected]


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