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Connell City Council Candidate

Name: Patrice Hebel

Age: 56

Employment/Business/Other Experience: General Manager at M&M Motel in Connell for 9 years.

Community Service: I am board member elect on Chamber of Commerce since 2018, Fall Festival Committee since 2019, Hotel Motel Tax Committee since 2019 and the Salary Commission Committee in 2022.

Education: High school and college graduate

Family: Did not answer

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1. What are your goals for the council? My desire to serve the community is outstanding and would like to further my service as Councilmember, At Large, Position 5. I am high school and college graduate and currently have 10 grandbabies so family and community are a strong priority for me.

2. If elected, how would you change/improve the city? Did not answer

3. What would you do to address the rising cost of housing in Connell? Did not answer


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