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MTV comes to Ritzville

Local house chosen for film location

RITZVILLE - The MTV production team has chosen a South Washington Street home to film scenes for an upcoming reality show.

One of Music Television's main participants was in Moses Lake.

Because the production crew planned to fly into Spokane, they were reluctant to drive two hours to shoot a few scenes.

So, the crew chose Ritzville as a more convenient filming location.

In mid-November, producer Marcus Jones traversed the streets of Ritzville to scope out locations for the show.

After a weary day of searching, he checked into the Best Western Bronco Inn.

"He was a little frustrated," hotel Manager Nichole Thiel, manager said. "He wasn't finding what he needed."

When Jones shared his dilemma with hotel staff, they recommended a house for his production team.

The next day Jones met with the homeowners to work out details.

In early December, two local production assistants came to town to prepare for the Los Angeles team's arrival.

One assistant was Shawna Johnson of Montana, who arrived with her father. The other came from elsewhere in Washington state.

The next day, the remainder of the 16-member production team began assembling at the Bronco Inn.

"All but two of those folks were from Los Angeles," Thiel said.

Actors, producers, camera operators and technicians all braved the snow and frigid weather to haul photography and sound equipment to a Bronco Inn conference room.

"It was very impressive," Thiel said. "They were obviously big-time producers, but we were pleased to learn they were also unpretentious and kind."

Over the next two days the production crew set up shop at the house on South Washington Street where they filmed scenes.

For now, nondisclosure agreements keep the show's particulars under wraps.


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