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You have plenty to be thankful for this holiday

It seems like every time you open a webpage, turn on the TV or listen to the radio, you’re bombarded with negativity.

We’re on the verge of nuclear war. The recession is upon us. Inflation is high. Every storm is “historic.” Race-based politics are invading every inch of our educational system and lives. And if that’s not enough, the 2024 election season has already begun.

It’s enough to get you down, and keep you there. But cheer up. You have plenty to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Here in rural Eastern Washington, we have a great quality of life. Our children can still walk to school safely. Crime is low. And we still get to know our neighbors, and business owners and managers.

We shop in the same stores, dine in the same restaurants and volunteer in many of the same organizations as most of our elected leaders. As a result, we can still influence government and rule-making in our own neighborhoods.

In our neck of the woods, we still have many teachers who care more about our children’s education than they do about their union or the revisionist history and alternative lifestyles being pushed nationally. We have firefighters and search-and-rescuers who volunteer daily to help those in distress. Heck, we even still have motorists willing to stop and give you a hand when your car breaks down. And don’t forget our law enforcement officers, who offer a friendly smile and a cordial wave as we pass them on the road.

Indeed, our rural cities still offer a sense of community not found in many areas of the country or the world. And that alone is a lot to be thankful for.

So as you take time this week to give thanks for your health, your family and friends, don’t forget to be thankful for the great community in which you live, work and recreate.

Be thankful for those you may or may not know who keep that hometown feeling and quality of life here alive. Be thankful the negativity showered on you daily doesn’t truly reflect life here.

Happy Thanksgiving!

— Roger Harnack is the owner/publisher of Free Press Publishing. Email him at [email protected].

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Roger Harnack, Publisher

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Roger Harnack is the co-owner/publisher of Free Press Publishing. Having grown up Benton City, Roger is an award-winning journalist, photographer, editor and publisher. He's one of only two editorial/commentary writers from Washington state to ever receive the international Golden Quill. Roger is dedicated to the preservation of local media, and the voice it retains for Eastern Washington.


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