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Winter is here! Did you winterize your car?

Follow these easy steps to prepare your vehicle

Winterizing your car entails more than just getting the studded tires out of the garage and rushing to have them installed. According to some commentators, there are a few basic preparations a driver should make before venturing out in the snow.

Checking tire pressure every morning before you leave: Tire pressure tends to fluctuate with falling temperatures, even if your car is sheltered. This can result in reduced traction and deformities in the tire itself.

Is your windshield wiper fluid rated for forecasted temperatures? Switching windshield cleaner fluid to a winter formula will ensure that it doesn't freeze, either in the lines or elsewhere. This can damage hardware, and in an emergency, you won't be able to clean off your windshield.

Speaking of the windshield, you may want to consider replacing your windshield wiper blades. Even if you don't change the type of blade you normally use, inspect the current wiper blades to determine if they should be replaced.

If you're the type that waits to fill up the tank until the last minute, you may want to reconsider that strategy, at least for the winter. Should you be stuck waiting for a tow truck, even on the highway, your vehicle cabin can get cold fast if you're out of gas. This can be a difficult situation to be in if you're stuck in a snow bank or farther from home than usual.

Lastly, consider putting together a winter emergency kit that you can keep in your trunk. This can be a fun activity to do with family and friends. Typical kits include flares, blankets, hot-packs, flash lights, first-aid items, and more.


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