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Free Press endorses Didier for commissioner

When the halls of government offices exude consensus and the hive mind takes over, the good ole boy network is usually at play. To open the doors of transparency, it takes new leadership willing to stand up to the closed-minded policy wonks, controlling bureaucrats and self-absorbed politicians.

Four years ago, that’s what Clint Didier did when he was elected as a Franklin County commissioner. And his efforts haven’t gone unnoticed – in either the clandestine backrooms of county government or in public.

During his term as a county commissioner, Didier has become Franklin County’s version of Diongenes of Sinope. He’s the modern-day version of the Greek philosopher known for holding a lantern in the faces of Athenians in his search for an honest man.

Didier is running for re-election to the District No. 3 seat against one of the former good ole boys of county government, Rick Miller, who is calling on voters to “return” him to office.

Voters in Franklin County should say not so fast. Consider what went on in the halls of the Franklin County Courthouse and backrooms of government offices under each of the candidates.

Under Miller’s watch, details about a former county employee who got away with embezzlement years were withheld from the public. Under Didier’s watch, the background of that case was unsealed.

Under Miller’s watch, several elected officials and department heads were able to double-dip when it came to mileage reimbursements. Like Diogenes, Didier cast a light on that unscrupulous activity.

The list goes on … Didier pushed for audit transparency, supported having some night meetings so taxpayers could attend, ended needle giveaways, pushed for streaming meetings on YouTube and challenged Gov. Jay Inslee’s dictatorial moves on COVID-19 vaccination and mask requirements. Didier also stood up for voters when a race-based organization tried to force the county to adopt race-based voter districts.

Sure, there’s been a lot of tumult around Didier’s activities – that’s what you get when you shine a light on activities hidden from public view and on people who don’t want the public to see what’s really happening.

As a commissioner, Didier has spent his time in office looking for an honest man and an honest system of government in Franklin County. He's been a relentless advocate for Franklin County and its residents. But his work isn't done — county residents need Didier in office to continue searching for honesty and pushing for transparency in county government.

Free Press Publishing endorses Didier for Franklin County commissioner.


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