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Thoughts on wind power

The 3-blade electric power generating wind mills in Washington State are, in my opinion, eyesores. The large size of these machines, with the vapid, continuous motion of their huge blades degrades the natural beauty of the landscape in the scenic state of Washington. In the vicinity of Rosalia; and, in the vicinity of Dayton and Pomeroy; and, in the million-dollar scenic view in the vicinity of Briggs Junction in the Columbia River Gorge; and, in many other places in Washington State these huge pieces of machinery degrade the beauty of scenic landscapes.

I feel that the usage of these machines should be restricted by law in the state of Washington. In that regard they should, (1) be allowed only to operate at night. All motion of moving parts of all windmills in the state would have to cease during daytime hours. (2) All windmills in the state of Washington currently operating or planned for the future would be required to by various mechanical means (such as broad hinges at their bases) be brought down at dawn to reside in trenches below the natural landscape grade so they would be hidden entirely from all viewpoints on public highways and paths during daytime hours.

Dana Hansen



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