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Mayor responds to residents' questions

LIND – During the town’s August 23 city council meeting, Mayor Paula Bell listened to additional resident concerns about the town’s water supply and watering mandates. In sometimes contentious interactions, the mayor laid out her position on the issues. She later addressed specific inquiries by Journal staff.

When asked whether Lind’s risk of fire damage was greater this year than prior years, the mayor noted that Lind and other communities are always alert for fire and damages that may ensue. “Because of the recent fire, Lind has damages that are still being assessed,” she said.

Residents wanted to know the status of a replacement pump for one of the city wells. “Parts are being fabricated,” she said. “Thus we are waiting.”

In early August, the mayor issued a flyer to residents stating, “Any brown tint in your water is NOT A HEALTH HAZARD – just looks bad.” When asked the basis for this assessment, the mayor responded, “After researching a report of ‘tinted water,’ it was determined only one resident had any discoloration to their water. Any ‘brown tint’ is from the well going dry and sucking in some sand, silts and small gravel. The well is chlorinated and tested regularly for contamination.”


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