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Newhouse eking out narrow primary win

Incumbent carrying only 2 of 8 counties in 4th Congressional District

PASCO — Incumbent Dan Newhouse appears to have eked out a narrow primary election win in the contest for the 4th Congressional District seat.

But he only has the support of two counties - Benton and Franklin - in the district that includes portions of eight counties.

As of Friday, Aug. 12, Newhouse, running as a Republican who has been censured by most Republican committees in the 4th Congressional District, had received 37,636 votes, or 25.46%, to lead the race districtwide.

Political newcomer Democrat Doug White was a close second with 37,242 votes, or 25.2%, and former gubernatorial candidate and Second Amendment candidate Loren Culp, a Republican, was third with 31,873 votes, or 21.56%.

Newhouse, a career politician from Sunnyside, is only carrying Benton and Franklin counties, with 17,748 votes (26.47%) and 3,169 votes (26.79%), respectively, so far.

Newhouse isn't even carrying his home county - Yakima County.

Newcomer White is leading in Yakima County with 10,532 votes (26.71%). The incumbent was a distant second with 9,369 votes (23.76%). Culp is third with 7,906 votes (20.05%).

White appears to have won three counties, the same number as Culp.

In addition to Yakima County, White is carrying Okanogan County with 3,641 votes (30.53%) and Culp is second with 3,525 votes (29.56%). Newhouse is third with 2,715 votes (22.77%).

White is also carrying Klickitat County with 3,045 votes (38.01%), followed by Culp with 2,382 votes (29.73%). Newhouse was a distant third with 1,346 votes (16.8%).

Culp is winning the remaining counties with voters in the 4th Congressional District; Newhouse was second in all three, followed by White in third.

In Adams County, Culp is carrying the area around Othello with 421 votes (33.15%). Newhouse has 358 votes (28.19%) and White has 216 votes (17.01%).

Most of the rest of Adams County falls in the 5th Congressional District represented by Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-Spokane.

In Douglas County, Culp leads with 3,113 votes (30.46%). Newhouse is second with 2,786 votes (27.26%) and White third with 2,438 votes (23.85%).

Culp is also leading Grant County with 5,558 votes (32.76%). Newhouse is second with 5,145 votes (30.32%) and White third with 2,738 votes (16.14%).

Any remaining late-arriving ballots postmarked by Aug. 2 will be counted prior to local certification of election results on Tuesday, Aug. 16.

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