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Spokane voter supports Tiffany Smiley

I just listened to a campaign ad for Patty Murray, who is seeking another term as our senator. She stated she will fight for us for lower prescription prices, inflation, high gas prices, public safety and a cornucopia of problems we face daily.

The senator has been in office since 1993. If she is re-elected, that means she has been in office for 30 years. With all of her experience, why is this the same message over and over with no resolution? More to the point, how did she allow all of these things to happen?

I rarely hear that she is in our area to hear our concerns. The only time I see her, she is on the air standing next to Chuck Schumer, who has repeatedly promoted great promises that typically have no benefit to the residents of Spokane.

In a time, when we are faced with higher prices with no end in sight, I am weary of her promises. She is devoted to her party, not her constituents. I am voting for Tiffany Smiley.

Mardell Grayhek



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