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State gas prices fifth-highest in nation

OLYMPIA – The per-gallon price of gasoline in Washington reached a new average high of $5.49, the fifth-highest in the nation behind California, Nevada, Illinois and Hawaii.

The state average price for a gallon for unleaded gas is 53 cents higher than the national average of $4.96 according to AAA.

That’s nearly equivalent to the 49.4 cents per gallon Washingtonians pay in state gasoline tax, on top of the federal tax.

Despite the rising cost of fuel, Gov. Jay Inslee has refused to consider suspending the state’s gasoline tax

Gas prices are more than $2 per gallon higher than the same time last year, when the average price was $3.06 per gallon.

And the price is more than $3 per gallon higher than the final months President Trump was in office, when gas could be found in many areas of Eastern Washington as low as $1.97 per gallon, including Pasco, Ephrata, George and other areas.


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