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Who cares about the immuno-compromised?

Why haven’t we read or heard more about the immuno-compromised who are dealing with the decision to remove mask mandates by a newly-appointed 33-year-old Florida U.S. District judge deemed unqualified by the American Bar Association?

The unyielding power of one person in our country, seen over and over, is a defect in our Constitution needing correction (consider Sen. Joe Manchin).

In fact, an individual’s health situation may not always be evident.

There are veterans, who signed up to protect our freedoms, who may not be able to take advantage of the vaccines.

Mothers have experienced anxiety about whether to send their vulnerable children to school after mask mandates were rescinded.

Certainly, many people need to be protected from COVID-19 and new variants, besides those immuno-compromised.

What about the babies and young children? What about those who are allergic to vaccines, and yes, what about those who refuse to take the vaccine because of misinformation, but go to the hospital for treatment when infected, anyway.

Can we care about all citizens? Can we be a “vibrant community together”?

Wearing masks in crowded places like airports, buses, trains, sports venues, schools, and prisons to protect others is only a minor inconvenience. Besides helping others, you might even be protecting your own life!


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