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Senator: Fuel-price increase hitting farmers

RIZVILLE – “We’re north of a dollar more in diesel than where we were before the invasion,” Sen. Mark Schoesler began in a recent interview.

Schoesler, a farmer himself, represents the 9th Legislative District, including Whitman County.

His comments came during an interview on the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war on diesel fuel and farming.

Fuel prices continue to rise leaving farmers forced to save and to hope for prices to drop, he said.

“I still consider myself a farmer first and a senator second,” Schoesler said. “There are several things I have observed. First and foremost, about the time when the invasion started, prices went up. We tend to use, because we’re rural, more highway fuel.”

From farmer-to-farmer, locals are taking a big hit with fuel – including farm diesel.

Purchasing fuel across the country has become expensive due to the Biden Administration shock to domestic production and the war in Eastern Europe hit.

“If we all had a crystal ball, we wouldn't have any problems,” he said.


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