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Time flies

Sorry about not having a column for a few weeks. I’ve had last minute commitments on the day I normally write this column therefore I miss the deadline. Oh sure I could have written it a day early but that’s not my style.

If you look at the March 16 date you might not remember that it was two years ago that the world shut down for two weeks to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now 104 weeks later it seems that this state finally has decided that we are safe again to not have to wear a mask. I sure hope the kids appreciate their new found freedom.

The state basketball tournaments went off without COVID-19 rearing its ugly head. I had a chance to watch some good games and the competitive spirit is still alive and well in small school America. You never know how much you miss something until it is taken away and let me tell you that nothing is sacred anymore and make sure you appreciate what you have.

The last time the state tournament was held in Spokane I remember going into the rest room and periodically there were a couple of young men that spent time sanitizing the sinks and paper towel dispensers for fear of the new virus that would soon change everyone’s life. This year the infection numbers had dwindled and there was no cleaning crew that I saw. I also noticed that very few people were wearing masks even though the PA announcer kept telling everyone that we were supposed to. Well it’s been nearly two weeks since I was at the arena and I feel fine. No super spreader event was held and that’s good news.

So we are able to go out and about and eat at a restaurant or go to a movie or to the grocery store or mall and we don’t have to wear a mask. Now the price of gas is so high we can’t afford to leave our house. Funny how that works or maybe it’s not so funny.

March Madness is about to begin in venues across America. The games played in and around Indianapolis last year allowed for the tournament to take place but these arenas were not full of fans. They will be this year and it will or should be back to normal. The players coming off the court will not have to put on a mask and social distance from their teammates. That in itself is exciting for me. Seeing the emotions on these kids’ faces is a big part of the enjoyment of watching the game.

The WSU and Gonzaga women will be playing in the NCAA event this year and that is wonderful. WSU earned an at large bid and Gonzaga upset BYU to win the WCC championship. BYU had an outstanding year as is also in the tournament.

The Gonzaga men are once again the number 1 overall seed in the tournament and the WSU men were invited to the NIT and will be hosting a first round game in Pullman. All basketball fans should be excited for this opportunity for our local college teams.

As the weather has improved in the last few weeks and we’ve been able to hang the winter coat in the corner and be able to take a walk outside without slipping on some ice our thoughts are turning to baseball. I was wondering how the major league baseball lockout was going to end. I think that the players and owners started noticing how popular the college basketball tournaments were and the thought of March Madness gaining momentum that fans were like who cares what you want because you certainly don’t care about us. Not sure if that was the case but it sounds good.

Anyway baseball will be starting soon. Not sure how into it I will be this year since I don’t have Root sports anymore and I’m not going to change providers to get the Mariner broadcasts. They can win or lose without me watching from my Lazy Boy.

It’s been two years since we were told to change how we live, teach our kids, shop, dine, or watch sporting events. It has not been fun to say the least. I know we’ve lost a lot of people from COVID-19 but we lost a lot of freedoms too. So take your vitamins and breathe plenty of fresh air and get some sun to shine on you. That alone will make you feel better.


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