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Mask requirement rescinded

OLYMPIA – Gov. Jay Inslee rescinded face covering requirements for most indoor spaces, effective March 12. The requirement remains in place for healthcare settings, long-term care facilities and correctional facilities and jails.

Under federal mandates, masks are still required on public transportation, including busses and airplanes. But they are not required on school buses.

Schools have additional guidance concerning COVID-19, including providing quick access to testing. COVID testing will no longer be required for student-athletes.

Anyone testing positive for the virus will be required to quarantine or isolate, school officials said.

While masks are not required on school busses or in class, they could be required by school officials if a classroom or activity group has an outbreak, officials said.

There are no longer social distancing requirements or contact tracing on school grounds, either, officials said.

Although individuals may still choose to wear a mask, they may be required to remove face coverings for identification purposes to comply with state or federal law, officials said.


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