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Freedom Convoy rolls through the Spokane area

WEST SPOKANE – Hundreds of area residents lined up with flags and signs in hand behind the Freedom Convoy 2022 in parking lots along Aero Road to show support for the truckers heading to Washington D.C. in protest of COVID mandates. Parking spots went extinct quickly as area drivers filled in the lot.

The group arrived late-night on March 1 and left the following day at 8:30 a.m., heading east toward Idaho. The convoy's next planned stop is Missoula, Montana.

Residents and participants echoed similar concerns over mask and vaccine mandates and showed up in support of personal and individual freedoms.

"My wife and I are former public defenders from Kootenai County. We tried to fight the COVID mandates through the court system, and they wouldn't allow us. So effectively, our voices were silenced," said Air Force Veteran Jason Lambert. "Since we were silenced, we are going to go to Washington D.C. and have our voices heard.

"Since the suit and tie didn't work, I'm going to dress in a dinosaur suit and I have a bullhorn to make a peaceful statement."

While some supporters plan on driving the entire way with the convoy, other people offer donations to help the convoy continue along the way.

"Today, we drove over from western Washington to bring some money that we raised in a fundraiser, which was about $4,000," said Sara Jones, who follows the convoy as far as Idaho. "We brought that along with food and goods donations to the truckers because they are fighting for our freedoms. So we needed to support them, and that's the way we knew how to do it."


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