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Landlords not likely to be paid as eviction moratorium ends

Gov. Inslee's new mandated "bridge" offers loopholes to avoid payment

OLYMPIA – Gov. Jay Inslee announced a new eviction “bridge” program this morning, June 24, but landlords will not likely see rent payments any time soon.

Inslee said the existing coronavirus-related eviction moratorium will expire June 30.

However, under his new mandate, landlords are still generally prohibited from evicting tenants that owe past-due rent and even future rent, if a tenant has attempted to negotiate a lower rate or is seeking rental assistance money.

That money will be available through county agencies once a state program is functioning as a conduit to pass federal dollars onto counties for use in rental assistance.

“Landlords are prohibited form evicting tenants until there’s an operational program in their county,” Inslee said, noting landlords cannot treat arrearages or other charges as an enforceable debt, at least through Sept. 30.

If tenants don’t take any action they may face eviction after Aug. 1, if the rental assistance program, an eviction resolution pilot program and renter legal counsel assistance are available.

Landlords also must offer a tenant a “reasonable repayment plan” before beginning evictions, he said, noting there are more than $650 million dollars being made available for rental assistance.

The eviction “bridge” does not apply to those living in non-traditional housing like hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, etc., Inslee said.

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