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There's still a lot to be thankful for

Yes, Gov. Jay Inslee has issued new orders shutting down your favorite gym and movie theater, and limiting service at your favorite diner or watering hole. Yes, you’re directed to wear a mask when you go in public. And yes, there’s another run on toilet paper and paper towels (in some parts of our state).

But it’s Thanksgiving. It’s time to count your blessings.

You’re in America. You live in the greatest, most prosperous country the world has ever known. You have housing opportunities, electricity, running water and employment available. You can get top-of-the-line health care for you and your family. You are in a safe community.

Don’t take those American securities for granted. Much of the world doesn’t have what you do. Much of the world would be thankful to have a fraction of your opportunities.

You have it good here, no matter what politicians are telling you,

compared to much of the rest of the world. Don’t let their coronavirus gloom and doom or their politics get you down. Don’t let their anti-Trump or anti-Biden rhetoric get to you.

You have better things to do this week.

Instead, we encourage you to focus on the things in your life for which you are thankful. Do so not only for yourself, but also the loved ones in your life.

If you’re having trouble remembering what’s truly important, turn off the cell phone. Get off the social media. Tune out the news. Get up and watch the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on television. Settle in for a big turkey dinner, followed by a nap. Help your kids write letters to Santa. And break out a real, paper map to plan your Christmas

tree-cutting outing. And don’t forget to put on the classic “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving,” or laugh it up to “Planes, Trains and Automobiles.”

Connect with the loved ones in your life as you see fit. Celebrate Thanksgiving digitally, if you are so inclined. If you’d rather, go ahead and gather the family to count your blessings together.

If you take the time, you’ll find that you have a lot to be thankful for. Yes, you have a lot to be thankful for.

Remember, if the Pilgrims could be thankful without today’s modern amenities, so can you.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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