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Ready for President-elect Biden?

Late counts shift states away from Trump

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Are you ready for President-elect Biden?

On Friday morning, Nov. 6, voters nationwide awoke to new election tallies that showed former Vice President Joe Biden, a Delaware Democrat, leading in more than enough states to win a majority of the Electoral College votes and the presidency.

Meanwhile, Republican President Donald J. Trump is moving ahead with lawsuits over alleged voting irregularities in multiple states across the country, including Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia.

Several states remain counting ballots this morning, including Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania.

As of 10 a.m., in Arizona, the tally was Biden with 1,561,147 and Trump 1,517,368, according to the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office website.

In Georgia, the Georgia Sectary of State’s Office was reporting Biden with 2,450,168 and Trump with 2,448,629.

And in Pennsylvania, Biden had notched 3,307,671 votes to Trump’s 3,296,246, according to Pennsylvania Department of State's figures.

After the Election Day tally, Trump led Biden, 2,725,891 to 1,400,830, in Pennsylvania. He also led in several other states that shifted to Biden in recent days and states’ employees continued to count mail-in and late-arriving ballots.

While final vote counts are expected to be weeks away, Biden is expected to declare victory later today.


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