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Petersen takes two-county judicial position

Former Sen. Sharon Brown trailing by more than 21,000 votes

PASCO — Former Sen. Sharon Brown is out; attorney David Petersen is in.

In prelimary returns in the race for the Benton Franklin Superior Court Position No. 1 judicial seat, Petersen had a 21,000-plus vote lead over Brown in the Nov. 3 general election.

In the two-county race, Petersen rackedup a total of 63,534 votes, or 60.5%; Brown tallied 41,406, or 39.5%, so far.

In Franklin County, Petersen doubled up on Brown.

Here, local election results show Petersen with 16,042 votes, or 63.47%, and Brown a distant second with only 9,152 votes, or 36.21%.

The Franklin County Auditor's Office reported 80 write-in votes, 2,863 undervotes and 2 overvotes in the judicial contest.

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