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Franklin County voters opposing 'seXXX ed'

Referendum 90 passing statewide, despite local rejection

OLYMPIA – Despite a parental uprising over an “inclusive” sexual education mandate, Referendum 90 was passings statewide after an initial election night tally Nov 3.

Approval of R-90 reaffirms a law passed by Democrats in Olympia last spring that requires all public schools to start teaching a sexual education curriculum, including mandatory alternative lifestyle intimacy, in all public schools starting with kindergarten.

The initial count showed the measure had 1,916,159 supporting votes statewide, or 59.38%, as of press time. Opposition, at that time, tallied 1,296,337 votes, or 40.35%.

Of the state’s 39 counties, voters in only 15 were supportive.

In Franklin County, voters were rejecting the curriculum, dubbed “seXXX ed” by many parents. The initial Franklin County tally showed 63.21% of voters opposed to the curriculum and 36.79% favoring it.

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