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Time for a change of governor

If there was any doubt about a need for change in the Governor’s Mansion occupancy, political newcomer Loren Culp swept them away in the only gubernatorial debate two weeks ago.

Gov. Jay Inslee, whose been occupying the mansion for the last two terms, should’ve come ready to take on a small town police chief. Instead, he ran for his typical cover — everything is the fault of President Trump, global warming, systemic racism and the coronavirus.

The problem is that mismanagement in the state’s corrections, mental health and employment security departments don’t fall under Inslee’s “umbrella.” Wildfires during Eastern Washington’s typically hot summers aren’t a result of global warming — they’re the result of mismanaged public forests, some under the direction of Washington state. And riots in Seattle aren’t the result of racism; they’re the result of criminal activities left unabated for far too long.

It would appear Gov. Inslee has gotten far too comfortable in the Governor’s Mansion and lost touch with reality.

Culp, the police chief in the small town of Republic, offered a refreshing view of the state’s problems. And he offered a common sense way to solve many of them.

The Republican challenger is grounded in reality, living on meager wages — by Olympia standards — in North-Central Washington. He knows he doesn’t have all the answers, but he’s willing to listen to new ideas.

And when it comes to the coronavirus, he’s also willing to listen to the Legislature. So far, Gov. Inslee has refused to convene lawmakers so they can take up their constitutional duty to address budget deficits, which this year, happen to be the result of Gov. Inslee’s quarantine of healthy residents statewide.

Gov. Inslee chastises Culp for not listening to him and for failing to wear a mask. Culp points out the duty of the governor is not to order lockdowns, but to serve residents and businesses, while obeying the state and U.S. constitutions.

A governor who serves the people, Culp said, is what’s needed in Olympia. We couldn’t agree more.

We believe it’s time for a change in leadership at the top of the state’s executive branch. We’re endorsing Loren Culp for governor.

— Our View is the opinion of the Free Press Publishing editorial board. Board members are Whitman County Gazette Editor Bill Stevenson, Ritzville Adams County Journal Editor Katie Teachout, Odessa Record Editor Terri Schmidt-Crosby, Davenport Times Editor Jamie Henneman and Publisher Roger Harnack.


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