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Democrat Peralta leads in campaign contributions for Franklin County District No. 2 seat

Four compete for seat being vacated by Robert "Bob" Koch

PASCO — Democrat Ana Ruiz Ramirez Peralta has raised the most campaign contributions in her bid to fill the Franklin County District No. 2 commission seat.

According to the state Public Disclosure Commission, Peralta has raised $15,198.73 and spent $7,710.75 in her bid to fill the seat being vacated by Commissioner Robert “Bob” Koch.

Republican Rodney “Rocky” J. Mullen has raised $10,075, in his effort, documents show. He’s spent $6,338.40 to date.

The remaining Republican candidates, Cliff MacHugh and Terry Ryan Cissne, are listed as “mini-filers,” meaning they do not have to report contributions provided contributions do not exceed $5,000 during the election cycle.

Ballots were sent to Franklin County voters last week and are due to be returned on or before Aug. 4 to be counted in the primary election.

The Top 2 candidates will advance to the November general election.

Here are the reported contributions and major expenses as reported to the commission:

Rodney “Rocky” J. Mullen

Rodney Mullen (Sahara Pizza) of Pasco, $4,000; Rodney J. Mullen, no hometown listed, $2,000; Randy Mullen of Pasco, $1,000; Washington Association of Realtors of Olympia, $1,000; Dove Financial Services of Pasco, $1,000; Sheila Lyons of Kennewick, $500; Baisch Vegetation Management of Pasco, $500; and Michelle Andres of Kennewick, $75.

He spent $1,293.54 with Victory Store for yard signs and $1,092.00 with La Voz for advertising, Mullen also paid $953.50 to Signs on the Cheap for yard signs and $828.44 to Print Place for post cards.

Ana Ruiz Ramirez Peralta

Peralta has several $1,000 donors, including International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union No. 112 of Kennewick, Jasiela “Gracie” S. Valle of Pasco, Teamsters Local No. 839 Separate Segregated Fund of Pasco, Taquieria El Antonjo doing business as El Mirador of Fife, Generation Plastering of Pasco, Southeast Washington Labor Council of Pasco and United Food and Commercial Workers Local No. 1439 of Spokane.

With $500 contributions are William Pennell of Pasco, Russell D. Shjerven of Kennewick, Cristina Garcia of Kennewick, Filipe D. Garcia of Kennewick, Real Estate by Dina Camaco of Pasco and Laborers Local No. 348 SSF of Richland

Donors contributing from $100-$400 include Jean Ryckman of Pasco, $260; Andy Miller of Kennewick, $250; Gilberto C. Mendoza of Pasco, $250; Carmel Perez of Kennewick, $250; Jamie Brault of Pasco, $250; Zahra Roach of Pasco, $200; Matt Watkins of Pasco, $200; Ana Armijo of Pasco, $125; Molly Holleran of Richland, $100; Adam Avenir of Richland, $100; Jillian Cadwell of West Richland, $100; Walter Chimal of Pasco, $100; Frances Chvatal of Walla Walla, $100; Brenda Garibay of West Richland, $100; Luke Hallowell of Kennewick, $100; Ormand Hilderbrand of Walla Walla, $100; Sharon Ahart of Richand, $100; Jose Iniguez of Seattle, $100; Nicolas Zavala Agency of Pasco, $100; Scott Butner Photography of Richland, $100 (in-kind); Lillian “Randy” Slovic of Richland, $100; Diana Vazquez of Pasco, $100; and Staci West of Richland.

Peralta also reported $400 in small contributions and $302.12 in miscellaneous receipts in lump sums, as well as dozens of supporters donating less than $100.

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JCarey writes:

Worth noting- both Lehrman (see earlier article on Beaton) and Peralta receive a majority of their donations from labor unions outside of Franklin County, while Beaton and Mullen receive their money from the citizens of Franklin County. I wonder who Lehrman and Peralta will be representing if they win?

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