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  • Over too soon

    Dale Anderson, Contributor|Updated Sep 13, 2023

    The NCAA men’s tournament will be over next Monday and an old champion will once again be crowned as the best in the land. Well at least the best at the end of the season which is all that matters. The matchups for games dictate so much because each team plays a certain way and you need to adapt or else you will need to catch the next flight back home. As a Gonzaga fan last Thursday’s game was a real punch to the gut. I’ve been there before seeing a near perfect team strug...

  • What it takes

    Dale Anderson|Updated Sep 13, 2023

    We are a couple of weeks into the football and volleyball season and fans can start to see where the experienced teams are and where those that maybe rebuilding will eventually end up. For those rebuilding it is a long road and finding the talent and willingness to make that journey means commitment by young athletes that want to be successful. There is something else that happens this time of year that also takes commitment and time constraints. That would be the late season...

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