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    Updated Mar 13, 2024

    Congresswoman can try to influence Speaker Johnson Among Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers’s negative legacies she leaves, her most impactful may be on immigration. However, she still has time to improve that. Donald Trump cares nothing about our country, just his election. Accordingly, he recently ordered all Republicans to scuttle the bipartisan, long-negotiated Senate deal supporting Ukraine and limiting immigration that would be a victory for President Joe Biden. Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson, an e...

  • Parental rights only sound good

    Norm Luther|Updated Apr 12, 2023

    Parents’ Bill of Rights? Sounds OK until you see who supports it and why. House Resolution No. 5, the Parents Bill of Rights, has been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives. Reading the “five pillars of H.R. 5,” one senses that in normal times this legislation, though unnecessary, would seem quite innocent. But these aren’t normal times. The second pillar, “Parents have the right to be heard,” is being greatly debased by many Republicans. Perhaps the greatest evidence H.R. 5 is bad legislation is that MAGA and Ho...

  • Good to see president support breaching dams

    Julian Matthews|Updated Mar 31, 2023

    Nice to see Prez Biden supporting salmon, treaty rights and dam breaching. As you may or may not know, the four Lower Snake River dams were made to be breached as they are half earthen and half concrete. Maybe those who put them in had the forethought to think that we wouldn’t be here with an archaic form of hydro power generation and be more advanced than we are with alternative forms of energy 50 years later. We can’t live in the past and have to move ahead and progress to new and better ways of power generation. Jul...

  • LOL at crazy hair-colored women

    Nancy Parry|Updated Mar 16, 2023

    Who would have ever imagined that a fashion would prevail whereby women would purposely choose to look “not pretty?” I am past 80, no longer pretty and right in style. I just wish the green-, purple- and orange-haired people would add a big red nose, which would be a sign that it’s OK for their audience to “Laugh Out Loud (LOL).” Amazed in 2023. Nancy Parry Moscow, Idaho...

  • Patients should have a right to know

    Katie Johnson|Updated Mar 16, 2023

    Do patients have a right to know if an insurance plan is going to force them to use a mail-order pharmacy or the insurance-owned mail order system during open enrollment? Do patients have a right to chose who they receive medical and pharmaceutical care from? As a pharmacist at a local independent pharmacy, I have been fielding questions from patients using Kaiser Permanente insurance, who began receiving letters indicating they must transfer their prescriptions to a Kaiser pharmacy for continued coverage. Starting in...

  • Greenhouse gases raise Earth temp

    Simon Smith|Updated Mar 16, 2023

    We all need to understand climate science. Climate fundamentals are simple: Sunshine warms the Earth, and the Earth radiates heat back into space as infrared. Earth’s temperature results from how much radiant heat gets trapped by greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. GHGs are trace gases but have a disproportionate influence on temperatures. Nitrogen, oxygen and argon represent 78%, 21%, and 0.9% of our atmosphere and are not greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases only make up a fraction of the remaining 0.1%; gases such as c...