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Trail Life offers anti-woke scouting

You may have heard the news that the beloved Boy Scouts organization is rebranding for the sake of inclusion. Their new name is “Scouting America,” which allows not only all girls, but the so-called “transgendered” girls who think they are boys.

The rebrand includes a concerted effort to recruit more LGBT members in the organization. This shift is a direct result of the dominance of the so-called “woke culture.”

Why, you may ask, is this shift necessary? After all, girls who are interested in becoming scouts could just as easily join a local Girl Scouts chapter.

We believe this woke rebrand is an intentional effort to continue blurring the lines between the separate gender roles of males and females. There’s no need for separate organizations when there’s really no big difference between boys and girls, right? They are preaching a message that gender is fluid and irrelevant – girls and boys don’t need to be raised or treated differently, because they are essentially the same.

Parents need to keep their children far away from this dangerous ideology.

When Boy Scouts was founded, its mission was “to teach [boys] patriotism, courage, self-reliance and kindred values.”

Those strike us as values sorely lacking in today’s youth. The men who created Boy Scouts were “concerned about the disappearance of traditional boyhood and the cultivation of masculine virtues as America rapidly urbanized.”

A National Review, editorial explained that “America is currently undergoing another acknowledged crisis for boys and men, [but] the Boy Scouts of America won’t be there to meet their needs.” We couldn’t agree more.

“In the past 11 years, the Boy Scouts have been utterly transformed,” the National Review editorial board wrote. “They ended a ban on gay adult leaders in 2013, welcomed girls who identify as boys to enroll in their boys-only program in 2017, and settled massive sex-abuse lawsuits.”

A data leak from Scouting America revealed that it plans to shift to co-ed arrangements for older scouts – a move that can only spell trouble.

In light of such news, it’s easy to be disheartened by the state of American culture. But where a door closes a door, a window opens. In this case, that window is Trail Life USA, a rapidly growing alternative to Scouting America.

The founder of Trail Life USA, John Stemberger, explained that he began the organization 10 years ago as Boy Scouts began caving to the woke agenda.

Trail Life USA stands in stark contrast to the now-woke Boy Scouts.

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