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Minimum wage increasing Jan. 1

TUMWATER – The state’s minimum wage will jump 54 cents per hour on Jan. 1

On Friday, Sept. 29, the state Department of Labor and Industries announced it will raise the minimum wage from $15.74 per hour to $16.28 per hour effective Jan. 24.

That’s an increase of $4.28 per hour in the last five years.

According to agency officials, Labor and Industries establishes the rate based on the urban consumer price index.

The new ages applies to all workers ages 16 and older.

State law allows for a “training wage” of $13.84 per hour for workers ages 14-15.

The change in the minimum wage also means a change in employees who are considered “exempt,” meaning they are not required to keep a time card.

As of Jan. 1, only workers making a minimum of $67,724.80 can be considered exempt.

The change also means ride-share providers will also get a raise. In Eastern Washington, Uber, Lyft and other drivers will earn a minimum of 38 cents per passenger per minute or $1.31 per passenger-mile, whichever is great.

Washington state’s current minimum wage is the highest in the country.


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