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Republicans threaten democracy

President Joe Biden is seeking re-election. I wish he were younger and I might favor other Democrats — Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and 2020 presidential contenders Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker come to mind.

But Biden’s record is impressive and he may have the best chance of winning the presidency.

Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has opposed everything Democrats proposed from the day former President Barack Obama was inaugurated, even if originally Republican-proposed. And Republican opposition has become increasingly intense and conspiracy-driven.

So, it’s remarkable how much Biden has accomplished.

Even now, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy threatens to bring down our country by refusing to unconditionally raise the debt ceiling – no matter the hypocrisy of unconditionally raising it repeatedly throughout former President Donald Trump’s administration, including to fund lavish tax cuts for the rich.

Biden clearly understands the great threat to democracy that the Republican Party has become.

McConnell could make a real difference, but lacks the integrity to do so.

Liz Cheney was the rare congressional Republican heroically combatting the threat, but that got her soundly defeated by her 2022 MAGA Republican primary election opponent.

Locally, Cathy McMorris Rogers maintains her MAGA credentials, but it’s unclear she understands the threat she is to democracy by going with the flow.

Norm Luther, Spokane


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