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Multiple schools get bomb threat

ST. JOHN - Whitman County deputies checked out schools in St. John, Endicott, LaCrosse and Lamont on Wednesday, April 12, following a bomb threat sent to 44 districts acrosss the state.

Nearby Colfax, Davenport, Wilbur and Creston also received threats.

Lamont didn't receive a threat, but deputies checked the campus anyway.

Bomb-sniffing dogs from Fairchild Air Force Base assisted small communities.

Most of the campuses were locked down; only a couple sent students home.

The threat ended up being harmless.

The threat came via email around 11:05 a.m. Wednesday.

The email user "Menosouth" wrote, "We have 10 bombs hidden around the school. They will soon explode. You won't have enough time to save your kids."

No schools in Spokane County received the threat, but Columbia (Burbank), Columbia (Hunters), Dayton, Ephrata, Colfax, St. John-Endicott, Cusick, Curlew and Colville were other regional schools threatened.

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