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Canvassing committee to discuss election process

PASCO -- The Franklin County Canvassing Committee will meet at 3 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 17 to discuss the elections process.

The session will take place at the Franklin County Elections Center, 116 N. Third Ave.

To participate online, visit

"We would like citizens of Franklin County to come in person to the meeting or sign in online to make their voices heard regarding elections," commission spokeswoman Erica J. Taranto said in an email today. "We want fair and free elections and we want to be sure our elected officials, and elections officials are held accountable."

Franklin is the only county in Washington state that uses Dominion election software that has come under fire in the disputed election of President Joe Biden.

Attorneys representing former President Donald J. Trump still have multiple lawsuits pending, some of which involve the use and operation of the Dominion system.


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