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Kahlotus man jailed after chase

Two-county pursuit topped 100 mph

KAHLOTUS — A local man was booked into the Adams County Jail after a high-speed chase Saturday.

Jeffrey Grant Moore, 58, of Kahlotus, led law enforcement officers on a 38-mile chase at speeds greater than 100 mph early Saturday morning, shows a probable cause affidavit filed in Adams County Superior Court.

He is facing possible charges of eluding a police vehicle, endangerment by eluding a police vehicle and third-degree driving while license suspended.

The chase started in Othello, said a sworn statement by Othello police officer Isaiah Suarez.

According to Suarez, it all started when he saw a car making a right turn, records show. He says he recognized the driver.

After running the car’s plates and finding they were linked to a car that did not match the car in front of him, Suarez suspected the car may be stolen and initiated a traffic stop, records show.

But the car didn’t pull over and the driver, later identified as Moore, led Suarez to a residence, records show. Suarez said he got out of his car, but the other driver turned his car around and headed in Suarez’s direction and pulled parallel with him.

Suarez said he made eye contact with the driver. After he told the white male driving the car to get out, the car took off, records show.

Once Moore got going, he didn’t stop, even after hitting a deer, records show.

Moore drove 38 miles to a trailer in Kahlotus that he told officers is owned by his mother, records show.

He was arrested.

Moore was later identified and officers found he had a warrant out for escaping community custody.

He also had a suspended license, records show.

Othello police, Adams and Franklin County Sheriff’s Office deputies and the Washington State Patrol were all involved in the pursuit.


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