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 By Jason Mercier    Opinion

Do we still need a Legislature?

With Gov. Jay Inslee telling us his ongoing mandates — developed behind closed doors and imposed without public involvement — are a “raging success,” do we still need the... — Updated 10/18/2021

 By Larry Ziegler    Opinion

Time to remind lawmakers of obligation

Article II of the state Constitution vests all legislative authority in the Legislature and specifically reserves supplementary power in the people as regards the legislative process. For the last several years, however, the... — Updated 10/4/2021

 By Roger Harnack    Opinion

Ordering 4-H volunteers to get COVID vaccine goes too far

Talk about a bureaucrat with delusions of grandeur. On Sept. 3, Washington State University Extension Office Director Vicki A. McCracken took it upon herself to dictate that all... — Updated 9/28/2021


Concerns about new long-term care tax

Mr. Ed Schweitzer, who founded and leads Pullman-based Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, recently pointed out how the new long-term care tax will have an extra-bitter taste for... — Updated 8/13/2021

 By Roger Harnack    Opinion

Parents ready to "take back" schools

Parents of public school students in the 9th Legislative District have had enough of coronavirus-related mandates from Olympia. Shutter schools, curtail sports, wear masks, limit fi... — Updated 8/9/2021


Partisan politics endangering our communities

The 2021 legislative session will go down in history as a precautionary tale of activist overreach and political capitulation as majority Democrats passed misguided, emotionally... — Updated 7/26/2021

 By Mark Miloscia    Opinion

Call out CRT radicals

Last week, the largest teacher's union in the country announced that it will conduct opposition research with regard to the growing grassroots campaign to stop Critical Race Theory... — Updated 7/21/2021

 By Roger Harnack    Opinion

DNR using fire season to cover up failed management

On Tuesday, Public Lands Commissioner Hilary Franz announced she was halting all public access to state Department of Natural Resources-managed lands in Eastern Washington... — Updated 7/21/2021

 By Roger Stark    Opinion

Why is college debt so high?

A friend of mine, let's call her Mary, began college at the University of Washington in 1967 and graduated with an undergraduate degree in 1971. According to the university's record... — Updated 7/13/2021

 By Roger Harnack    Opinion

Time to overhaul or nix the Columbia River Treaty

Power shortages, rolling brownouts and blackouts? In the Pacific Northwest? One regional utility alone – Avista – had brownouts that affected 15,307 ratepayers last Monday,... — Updated 7/13/2021

 By Roger Harnack    Opinion

Be proud you're American

This Sunday, our nation celebrates Independence Day. And on this 245th birthday of our United States, it's important to take time to remember why we mark July 4. Sure we celebrate... — Updated 6/30/2021

 By Roger Harnack    Opinion

Endangered species: American Dad

There’s a lot of talk about endangered species. But the most important endangered species in America, may not be a plant or a wild animal. The most endangered species may... — Updated 6/23/2021

 By Don C. Brunell    Opinion

Biden's green gamble, land wild card

Shortly after President Biden took office, he issued the sweeping executive order to transition America to TOTAL–-100 percent–-renewable electricity by 2035–-15 short years from now. Translated that means no more power from... — Updated 6/23/2021

 By Bill Stevenson    Opinion

Vaccination: It's your choice

It’s time to decide if you want a COVID vaccination. If you want to take a precaution to help you avoid contracting COVID, then you can accept a free vaccination. If you don’t w... — Updated 5/25/2021

 By Don Brunell    Opinion

Unemployment is intended as a bridge

When Congress established the Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) in 1935, it was intended to provide temporary and partial income replacement for workers who lost their jobs... — Updated 5/25/2021

 By Roger Harnack    Opinion

It's time for Washingtonians to go back to work

Masks are coming off. Most residents wanting a coronavirus vaccination have gotten one. Sports are on and students are back in the classroom. It’s not a coronavirus emergency that... — Updated 5/25/2021


Reader calls for outside review of renewable energy process

The prolonged renewable energy process by Klickitat County officials and others has led to an unnecessary crisis in public confidence, which has reached a point where an independent audit by an outside entity is necessary. I've... — Updated 5/10/2021

 By Jason Mercier    Opinion

Lawmakers wanted an income tax lawsuit – they'll get two

Public records show lawmakers plan to use the capital gains income tax to set up a lawsuit to try to impose a broad-based graduated income tax. They’re going to get not one, but... — Updated 5/10/2021


Dodging public vote on capital gains shows elitism

This will sound funny anywhere outside Olympia, but there is a question that for years has stumped half the Legislature. If an income tax is so good for the people of the state of Washington, why do they say no every time they are... — Updated 4/1/2021

 By Don C. Brunell    Opinion

Keeping America's semiconductor edge

Surprisingly, there is something U.S. Presidents agree upon — America’s economic and national security hinge upon maintaining our technology edge in semiconductors. Those tiny computer chips are the brains of modern... — Updated 4/1/2021

 By Perry Dozier    Opinion

Starter income tax is bad enough, collections rebound

Last week, the Legislature got a terrific piece of news. State tax collections have rebounded despite one of the worst economic situations we’ve ever faced. The latest projection... — Updated 3/26/2021

 By Mark Schoesler    Opinion

State operating budget $5 billion in excess

Everybody associates March 17 with St. Patrick's Day, that one holiday in which we are all encouraged to wear green. Around the Capitol last week, March 17 brought a different meani... — Updated 3/26/2021

 By Roger Harnack    Opinion

Bill banning American Indian mascots a complete waste of time

It’s a solution in search of a problem. Lawmakers in Olympia appear to be fast-tracking House Bill 1356, which would ban the use of “racially derogatory or discriminatory... — Updated 3/3/2021

 By Perry Dozier    Opinion

Let's fix unemployment-insurance problems first creating new ones

The meltdown at the state Department of Employment Security ought to teach us a lesson. It's easy for government to create problems, not so easy for the Legislature to come back in... — Updated 2/8/2021

 By Roger Harnack    Opinion

Whitman under fire in Olympia

The culture, heritage and history of Eastern Washington - indeed all of Washington and Oregon history - is under fire again in Olympia. I'm talking about an effort this year in the... — Updated 2/5/2021


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